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A popular suburb located in the Winston-Salem region; Lewisville is considered to be one of the best places to live. Those who reside in Lewisville get the feeling of residing in a rural place despite living in a town. Most people who live here have their own homes. This is basically a residential community which has more than 13,000 people.

The town was incorporated in 1991, but its history dates to 1700’s. The main reasons for the incorporation of the town were retaining the small-town feel effect. Planning the future growth of the town involved a lot of time and effort. The town has made a reputation for itself – it is known for its proactiveness in maintaining its small-town ambiance. It is also known for the strong community feeling amongst the residents.

Is Lewisville a small town ‘intentionally’?

It is said that the early formation and the recent approach to planning as well as the growth of the town is influenced by the various problems that were encountered by Clemmons, the neighboring suburb of Lewisville. Clemmons was quite often noted for being excessively commercialized, especially the Downtown region. Thus, Lewisville took note and responded with some planning. This included a total ban on drive-through restaurants and in the creation of parks, which included a park that was situated in the town center. It also aimed at other activities which would preserve the small-town feel.

The Role of Planning and Zoning Department

The Planning Department plays a major role in the development of the town. The main objective of this department is to ensure improved standards of living and high-quality life for the current and future residents. This is done as the appearance of the town is improved and by maintaining it continuously through various developmental and growth activities. The main objective of this department is to ensure that the character of the town is well preserved.

Objectives of Planning and Zoning Department:

The department works for the following:

  • Long-term planning activities

  • Promotes development and growth of the town in a consistent manner

  • Promotes various land use regulations which help in encouraging the best use of various land resources.

  • Enforcing land use and development of land in the best possible way.

  • Offering technical support for activities like Zone Board of adjustment, planning board and Town council.




Lewisville is a fun-loving town and people love to participate in different events and festivals throughout the year. There are a number of events which are held each year and most of these events take place in Downtown Lewisville’s Shallowford Square.

Activities and Things of Interest in Lewisville:

If you are planning a visit to the town, here are some of the special events and festivals that are worth considering during your visit.

Concert Under The Stars – Shallowford Square is one of the best places to visit. The place slowly transforms to a concert pavilion, during the time of ‘Concert Under The Stars’. Enjoy your favourite artists – from classic rock to Jazz to Top 40 hits. Everything can be enjoyed from the lawn with your favorite food and family.

Family Movie Nights – If you choose to visit Lewisville in summer and in spring, you will be able to take part in some of the best of family movie nights. All that needs to be done is take a lawn chair and a blanket. Next, you can simply enjoy your time with your family as you watch movies. It is certainly the best way to entertainment and spend time with people you love.

Food Truck Festival and Street Party

One of the most awaited events of the year in Lewisville is the Food Truck Festival that is held at the Shallowford Square. There are several food trucks in the region during this festival. There is some great music which sets all the mood for a good time. Adult beverages are offered from several breweries in the region. There are no admission fees to take part in the street party and the food truck festival. It is certainly one of the most popular and powerful events of this summer season.

Take Part in the Annual Fitness Walk

Fitness – something which should be a part of our daily routine now, but which we tend to ignore. The Annual Fitness Walk in this region is aimed towards good health and better fitness. This is also one of the popular events of the town. The fitness walk is sponsored by Town. The main aim of this walk is promoting a healthy and active lifestyle for the residents of the region. One of the themes of this event was ‘Walk for Wellness’ which was quite popular and encouraged all residents to participate in different fitness walks. Participants were required to walk miles between a specific day. However, it is necessary that the participants get themselves registered for the walk.

Festivals and Events are a Part Of Life

There are several other festivals in the form of Halloween Festival, which is also quite popular in the region. This Halloween festival is a fun event which is enjoyed for families and children alike, where it is all about family bonding, good food and laughter. There are many activities for children aged between zero and twelve which include arts and crafts, costume, contests, prizes and games. Christmas is one of the best times to visit Lewisville. Christmas Tree lighting with Santa in Shallowford Square is one of the major attractions. Kids have a great time as they get to enjoy Christmas crafts, Christmas cookies, Hot chocolate drinks and special appearances by Santa.

Food, Hospitality and Shopping

Lewisville is well-known for the variety of food available in the region. Food festivals and food trucks are the way to taste some authentic dishes of the region. People are known for their great hospitality and harmony as they live in the town. There are many shopping destinations and places which offer things of need.

Lewisville, NC is certainly one of the safest places to live or visit with your family and friends. The town is developing and expected to further develop in the next few years.