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Spray Foam Insulation Contractors You Can TRUST In Clemmons NC

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CNC Spray Foam Insulation is the leading spray foam insulation company in Clemmons NC. Whether it’s for commercial or residential use, our products and services have you covered. With your satisfaction guaranteed, we also guarantee nothing but the best quality service and products to our loyal customers.

Nothing makes us happier than knowing that we have countless satisfied customers who are thoroughly enjoying the many benefits of our spray foam insulation. Spray Polyurethane Foam is an obvious choice when trying to pick the best insulation for your next structure project.

Currently the best product on the market for insulation Spray Polyurethane Foam can be tailored to suit any of your commercial or residential needs. Big or small we can tackle any job you throw at us. For quotes on our Spray Foam Insulation Costs call us TODAY.

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What Is Spray Foam Insulation In Clemmons NC?

Our Spray Polyurethane Foam starts as two separate liquid chemicals kept in different pressurized containers and is then applied directly to the required area. Upon being sprayed from a special Spray Foam Insulation gun the liquid chemicals mix. The overlapping pattern in which they are sprayed causes the chemical reaction during the application process. This reaction causes the chemicals to expand over a short time into a rigid and exceptionally effective plastic insulation material and seals any and all air gaps within the are it is applied. The application process allows for great versatility. It allows contains a numeric rating, known as an R-Value. This is simply the value given for a product’s thermal resistance. For the most part, the higher this value, the better the product.


Insulation’s entire purpose is to protect a structure from the elements, and it allows for a consistent and controlled environment. Having proper insulation can make a world of difference in the efficiency and longevity of a structure. Our professional installers give you this proper sealing with the application of our exceptional product. Improperly insulated structures waste vast amounts of AC and heat over the course of that structure’s life. This not only means that you are not getting the most energy efficiency from your structure, but you’re also losing money in your energy expenditures. Our product eliminates this waste and saves your money.

If you want to save up to 20% a month on your energy expenditures, whether it’s new or existing insulation you’re looking for, why not give us a call? There are many insulation options out there for you to choose for, but all fall short in comparison to our Spray Polyurethane Foam.

What is the Process of Installing Spray Foam Insulation In Clemmons NC?

Spray Foam Insulation starts as two liquid chemicals held in two separate containers. After being sprayed through a unique spray foam insulation gun. The spray foam comes out of the gun in an overlapping manner that engages the chemical reaction occur. Due to the chemical nature and the handling of the specific equipment that is required for installation, it is highly recommended that only licensed and insured technicians should apply spray foam insulation.

The two alternate options for spray foam installation are high and low pressure. Both are very similar in nature, yet they differ in the manner in which they are installed. The main differences are the areas in which you would apply them and the equipment that the technicians would use. They also have a differing PSI during installation with High pressure generally being above 250 PSI and Low pressure being under 250 PSI. Low pressure spray foam requires less equipment during installation. High pressure spray foam on the other hand requires more equipment for installation, generally including a truck with a rig attached, along with all the other gear required to handle larger jobs.

Other than the equipment used for the installation, the installation process is mostly similar. The Chemicals start in their liquid form before being sprayed on to the application surface, where it then seeps into cracks and gaps before going through the chemical process. During this process the chemicals dry and expand to fill the surface area, effectively sealing and seamlessly solidifying the areas intended. Due to Spray Foam Insulation’s high water resistant nature its utility almost limitless. Regardless if it’s a windy attic, a window that needs upgraded insulation, or a leaky basement that needs more effective sealing. Spray Foam Insulation can do it all.

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Spray Foam Insulation Benefits to Air Quality In Clemmons NC

Of all the many benefits of Spray Foam Insulation versus other leading products is SPF’s seamless energy efficiency and it’s increase to the natural air quality of any structure it is applied to. Combined with this it is also environmentally friendly in that no chemicals are off gassed during the installation process.

Due to Spray Foam’s natural water resistance it resists black mold, making it a prime choice for any potentially wet spaces. Anywhere that may encounter humidity or dampness is a still a viable location to install spray foam, such as basements, bathrooms, or crawl spaces throughout the structure.

Help Clemmons Go GREEN With SPF

Environmental concerns are ever on the rise throughout the years and for good reason. Being aware of all of the wastes in your life is the only way you can address them and improve upon them to increase your quality of life and for those around you. By upgrading to Spray Foam Insulation or using it for your new start up, you will notice its effectiveness at superiorly managing the environment inside. The way that is capable of exceptionally sealing of the structure from the outside elements you will also significantly decrease the energy expenditures of your structure. This decrease of energy expenditures over the course of a year can save you up to 40% compared to other insulation options. Your pros definitely outweigh your cons when it comes to SPF.

Enhanced Thermal Resistance With Spray Foam Insulation In Clemmons NC

All Insulation products come with a thermal resistance rating, known as an R-Value. This value comes as numerical value where the higher it is the better. The entire purpose of insulation is to create a heat resistant barrier for your structure, so naturally choosing the product wit the best R-Value would be a no brainer.

Once Spray Foam Insulation is installed on the application surface it is good for the lifetime of that structure. Other more traditional products can lose their integrity over time. This is mainly caused when those products compress and can lose their air pockets. By losing those air pockets it decreases the product’s heat transfer resistance which in turn lowers its R-Value.

With its structural superiority and great versatility to be applied almost anywhere, Spray Foam Insulation is long lasting and efficient, which is sure to satisfy any customer for years to come. This versatility allows it to be applied anywhere you can imagine. On HVAC ducts, hatches, around wiring holes, behind attic knee walls, open exterior soffits, basement rim joists, plumbing vents, or even furnace flues. We can tailor our product to fit any and all of your needs.

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How to Choose Between Open and Closed Cell Insulation In Clemmons NC

  Commercial and Residential projects have their differences and requirements, and even within their own respective categories each job is different. So, knowing the differences between your options available can be very helpful.

There is Open Celled and Closed Celled Spray Foam Insulation. Their differences are in the air bubbles that form during the application process. Closed Cell Insulation is generally better suited for commercial application. This is mainly because it requires Hi pressure installation which as we discussed takes more equipment than Low pressured open celled insulation. The extra equipment helps with efficiently and quickly installing SPF over large application areas. It also has the highest R-Value at 6.5 which means it will greatly increase the low vapor permeability and rigidity of your structure. It is solid choice through and through.

Open celled insulation is generally best suited for residential application. Although it has a smaller R-Value of 3.5 it requires less equipment which makes it much easily applied in the smaller tight spaces that a residential project can require. Requiring less equipment also means greater cost efficiency for the customer. Although there is a difference in R-Value, there is little to know difference in the versatility and utility of SPF whether in a residential or commercial application.