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Spray Foam Insulation Contractors You Can TRUST  In King NC

If you’re looking for the leading Spray Foam Insulation Contractors in your area, then look no further than CNC Spray Foam Insulation to satisfy all of your Commercial and Residential project needs. Our professionals can tailor our products and services to anything your project requires.

Our outstanding and consistent services has awarded us numerous loyal and satisfied customers who can rest assured for years to come that they have a properly insulated and energy efficient structure. There are no other insulating products on the market that can compete.

We customize our products and services to meet the needs of every project that comes our way. So, no matter your needs, Residential or Commercial, we will give it its own personal touch to make sure you get the best possible results every time. If you need a quote for your new project or existing structure don’t hesitate to call us TODAY and receive your FREE Quote now.

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What Is Spray Foam Insulation In King NC

Spray Foam Insulation is the undoubtably the best insulation product on the market, and with our professional technicians working for you, installation could not be any easier. It is a plastic insulation material that starts as two chemicals in a liquid state. It is then sprayed from a unique insulation gun. As the liquids are sprayed in an overlapping pattern they then undergo a chemical reaction causing the liquids to expand while also adhering to the application surface. As it makes contact with the desired surfaces it will seep into and fill all gaps and crevices creating a nice sealant that will protect your structure from the elements.

Weatherization and why It’s important

Sealing and protecting your structure from the elements while also allowing you to control the environment within is the purpose of insulation. When improperly insulated your structure will lose its potential energy efficiency and over time lessen its overall integrity. By sealing and properly insulating with our spray foam you eliminate wasteful energy expenditures and save on your monthly energy bills, leading to possible savings of up to 40% a year. It’s easy to overlook things when taking in all of the considerations of a new project. One thing you don’t want to overlook or skip corners on is proper insulation. Let us help you by calling us Today for a Free quote.

What is the Process of Installing Spray Foam Insulation In King NC?

Due to its chemical nature spray polyurethane foam should only be handled and installed by our professional technicians. These two chemicals are held in separate pressurized containers usually referred to as side A and side B. During installation these chemicals are sprayed onto the desired application in an overlapping pattern that then begins its chemical reaction.

Normally there two different forms in which Spray Foam Insulation can be installed. Low and High pressure. The differences in the two are the PSI level that the spray is set at during installation. Low pressure spray foam insulation normally is set at or lower than 250 PSI. The lower PSI means less equipment involved and is generally used in residential application. High pressure spray foam is normally sprayed at or higher than 250 PSI. High pressure spray foam is more ideal for commercial application and calls for more equipment during application.

Once you’ve spoken to our professionals and determined what your project is best suited, for we can have our technicians take care of your needs. Once your projects needs are established the spray foam will be applied to the required area. During the application the liquid chemicals naturally adhere to the surfaces while also expanding to fill and seal all gaps crevices. Since it does start initially in a liquid state it does require a dry time. It only takes a few hours to dry and properly cure, but during this time if you are only upgrading an existing residence it is important that the occupants vacate the area long enough for the curing process.

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Spray Foam Insulation Benefits to Air Quality In King NC

Among the countless benefits that come from choosing Spray Polyurethane Foam for your projects is the increased control it gives you over your environment. Having insulation properly installed means that your structure will be sealed off from the outside elements leaving the control in your hands. The quick drying process of the spray foam has no off-gassing. On top of this it is water resistant and this makes it highly resistant to black mold. This means that it is an advantageous option for any areas that may be exposed to water or dampness.

When you’re insulating your structure you want to make sure it’s done right the first time around so that you don’t have to revisit a few years later just to fix improperly installed insulation. Not only is it wasteful in and of itself, but you would also be losing money throughout its lifespan. More traditional insulation products lack the ability to properly seal in the way that spray foam can. When it is applied to the application surface and begins expanding and sealing the gaps and crevices it securely seals it. No air leaks mean that you will lessen your energy expenditures potentially saving you up to 40% per year on overall energy costs.


Enhanced Thermal Resistance With Spray Foam Insulation In King NC

R-Values are given to all insulation products. An R-Value is just numerical value that represents a products ability to resist heat transfer. Reducing heat transfer is the entire purpose of insulation, so choosing the best product is essential when insulating your next project. Open celled and closed celled insulation are the two main types of spray foam and both yield high R-Values. Open celled spray foam generally has an R-Value of around 3.5, while Closed celled spray foam has around a 6.5 R-Value.

Unlike other products, spray foam insulation does not lose its integrity or R-Value over time. Once dried and cured it retains its rigidity throughout the lifespan of your structure. If other products become wet or fail to be installed properly they can compress and lose their structural integrity over time. By compressing those products lose the air pockets within them which ultimately lowers their R-Values.

With spray foam’s high water resistance it naturally holds the test of time even against damp or wet environments. With all its versatile properties, spray foam insulation can be applied virtually anywhere it’s needed. Windy attics, damp basements and crawl spaces.  Interior and exterior walls are the most commonly thought of locations to apply insulation, but it can also be applied to places like furnace flues, hatches, behind knee walls,  around recessed lights, basement rim joists , and even open exterior soffits. It’s the perfect solution to all of your insulation needs.

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How to Choose Between Open and Closed Cell Insulation In King NC

CNC Spray Foam Insulation understands that all job sites and projects are unique. As such, the products you use must be customizable to fill your requirements. Luckily spray foam insulation is such a product in the hands of the right professionals. Once you’ve decided to use spray foam insulation for your project your next choice will be between open celled and closed celled spray foam. The main differences in the two are in the methods in which they are applied.

Open celled insulation is primarily utilized in residential projects. Open celled insulation has a lower R-Value than that of closed celled insulation. Open celled insulation’s R-Value is roughly around 3.5 and closed celled insulation is around 6.5. The lower value of open celled insulation also means that it requires less equipment to apply. The low pressure method used to install it is what makes it ideal for Residential structures as it allows the technicians to maneuver through tighter spaces and harder to reach places. Although it has a lower R-Value it still holds the same strength and efficiency as its counterpart.

Closed celled spray foam insulation is solid choice when working on larger commercial projects or even exterior walls of residential structures. It’s higher R-Value gives it great resistance to water and its low vapor permeability along with its rigidity allow it to greatly increase the strength and longevity of the structures it is applied to. Along with securing the structures spray foam insulation forms a monolithic material that doubles as a sound dampener once it has dried and properly cured. The high pressure method which is used to apply it calls for more equipment, but this allows it to more quickly and efficiently applied in a shorter matter of time. Each has their uses and abilities.

Regardless of which method or type you choose to go with, you can rest assured that you will be receiving the best insulation on the market. Working on a new project can be stressful, so by choosing CNC spray foam insulation at least you can remove proper insulation from your list of worries. If you have any questions about what we can do for you call us Today for a Free quote.