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Spray Foam Insulation Contractors You Can TRUST In Lewisville NC

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Spray Polyurethane Foam is the leading Insulation in the business currently, and the leading Spray Foam Insulation Installers in Lewisville NC is definitely CNC Spray Foam Insulation. No matter if it’s for Residential homes or commercial structures our professionals can take on any project you have in mind. Providing nothing but the best quality services and products has resulted in countless satisfied customers throughout the Lewisville area.

Our Loyal customers not only receive the peace of mind knowing that they have a properly sealed and insulated structure, but they also receive the added benefit of the energy savings that come along with an energy efficient and reliable building.

No other products on the market can compare to our Spray Polyurethane Foam. So, when it comes to choosing how to insulate your next project CNC Spray Foam Insulation is a No brainer. Commercial or Residential does not matter. There is no project too small and no project too big that CNC Spray Foam Insulation of Lewisville NC cannot handle for you. If you have a project in mind call us now and get a free quote TODAY.

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Spray Foam Insulation In Lewisville NC

Spray Foam Insulation is currently the best insulation product on the market today. It is an increasingly popular option among the construction community. It is a plastic insulation that originally starts in a liquid state. These liquid chemicals are separately held in two pressurized containers. It is then applied mainly to exterior and interior walls during framing, but it is a very versatile insulation product that can have multiple other applications. What makes it so competitive on the market is its natural adhesive nature and its ability to effectively seal any and all spaces or air gaps.

Weatherization and why It’s important

Insulation’s entire purpose is to seal and protect a structure from the elements surrounding it. When properly sealed you have a completely controllable environment within the confines of your structure. Using more traditional or outdated insulation products you run the risk of improper installation or degradation over time. This leads to losses in your energy expenditures costing you unnecessarily lost money throughout the year. By using or switching to Spray Foam Insulation and properly sealing your project you can save up to 40% on your heating and cooling costs throughout the year. So instead of starting with lesser effective methods and products, start with us and rest assured that your building will be properly insulated for the duration of its lifetime. Call us TODAY and see what we can do for you.

What is the Process of Installing Spray Foam Insulation In Lewisville NC?

The process of installing Spray Polyurethane Foam can be easily explained, yet not necessarily easily installed. That’s why it is highly recommended that only trained professional technicians should handle these chemicals. Normally these 2 chemicals are held in two separate containers which are pressurized. They are then both sprayed simultaneously sprayed through a unique Spray Foam gun in an overlapping manner which will engage the chemical reaction that will turn the liquids into the powerful insulation product throughout your structure.

There are two main methods for installing spray foam. Those two methods are low pressure and high pressure. This refers to the PSI levels at which they will be sprayed during installation. Low pressure is sprayed at or below 250 PSI and High pressure is sprayed at or above 250 PSI. Both methods have differing uses in their application and will be discussed upon your inquiry to have CNC Spray Foam Insulation serve you. Normally low pressure Spray Foam is used for residential application while high pressure would instead be used for commercial application. The main reasons for using one over the other is the equipment needed for each and the purpose of the structure that needs the installation. Lower pressure spray foam requires less equipment than that of higher pressure spray foam, which will require more equipment. Our professionals are here for you to consult with so that you may choose which is right for your next project.

With the chemicals starting in a liquid state then it is extremely versatile and can be applied virtually anywhere it is needed. Once the liquids are sprayed onto the application area they then seep into all of the cracks and gaps. As the drying begins and the chemicals cure, they expand and grow to fill and cover where they sprayed. This process when done properly is what makes Spray Polyurethane Foam so great and more desirable than its more traditional counter parts.

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Spray Foam Insulation Benefits to Air Quality In Lewisville NC

There are many benefits to using Spray Foam Insulation and among those is the air quality improvements. With it’s high resistance to black mold and it then fact that there is no off gassing during the installation process it is easy to see the benefits to that it will bring. Water resistance also means that it can be applied in any areas that may be exposed to water or dampness. Places such as bathrooms, crawl spaces and basements are all viable options apply spray foam to ensure they will be properly insulated for years to come.


Reducing wasteful energy loss through proper insulation does more than benefit your structure and the environment around it. It will save you plenty of money along the way. Naturally cutting down on wasted energy means less money spent each month on your energy bill, which ultimately can lead to up to 40% each year. These savings only come through proper insulation. By eliminating air gaps and leaks throughout your structure you make it is as energy efficient as it can be. What more could you want from your insulation product.

Enhanced Thermal Resistance With Spray Foam Insulation In Lewisville NC

All insulation products hold an R-Value. This value is simply a numerical value given to rate the thermal resistance of the product. In general the higher the number the better the product. When it comes to insulation you always want the best products you find.

Over time other insulation products can lose their integrity and in turn lower their R-Value. During their lifetime they can compress and lose their air pockets which lessens their ability to resist heat transfer. Getting wet can also compromise them over time. This is not true for spray foam insulation. It resists water and holds its rigidity and R-Value throughout the duration of your structure’s lifetime.

Spray Foam Insulation inherently has high versatility, and due to its start in a liquid state it can be applied to virtually anywhere it can be sprayed. This also makes it completely customizable to the needs of the requestor. No matter if you only need it for a specific area in which you wish to upgrade existing insulation or need to cover an entire new project we can tailor our product to fit your needs. HVAC ducts, around wiring holes, in attics, knee walls, open exterior soffits, furnace flues, basement rim joists, and plumbing vents are just a few of the unique places in which you can have spray foam insulation applied. If you need it insulated CNC Spray Foam Insulation can take care of it.

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How to Choose Between Open and Closed Cell Insulation In Lewisville NC

Open celled and closed celled polyurethane foam are different only in the way in which the air bubbles formulate during the chemical reaction upon being applied. This difference makes them better suited for different application areas.

For commercial projects and even the exteriors of some residential structures it is most beneficial to go with closed celled spray foam (ccSPF). Low vapor permeability and the rigidity it adds are highly beneficial to any structure. Closed cell spray foam has an R-Value of around 6.5 making it one of the best thermal resistance insulators on the market.

The other option is open celled Spray Foam Insulation. Although it has a lower R-Value than its counterpart this also translates into lower overall lower costs as it also takes les equipment install than that of closed cell spray foam. This also means that it is ideal for residential use as it allows the installer to apply it in harder to reach locations or wherever needed.

Regardless of the decision you make after consulting with us you will undoubtably be pleased that you have chosen CNC Spray Foam Insulation to ensure that your project is as secure as it can be. Your project will sealed and secured from the elements and you will have a properly insulated structure for years to come. For any and all inquiries feel free to call Today for consultation and a Free quote.