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Bermuda Run Country Club

Bermuda Run Country Club is situated in Bermuda Run, a prosperous town in Davie County. The club offers a gamut of amenities for community members. Amenities include event rooms, dining venues, tournament planning, and a lot more. The club has something on offer for everyone. Member events are quite popular which include dining traditions, holiday brunches, kid’s events and lots more.

Playing Golf at Bermuda Run Country Club

When it is about Golf, there is no place better than this. There are two 18-hole courses which were designed by renowned architects Dan Maples and Ellis. Bermuda Run’s East Course is counted amongst the top 10 most difficult golf courses in Triad. Many members come to the Club daily to simply enjoy golf.

There are many activities and events taking place at Bermuda Run Country Club.

Activities of Bermuda Run Country Club

There are several club events which take place throughout the year. You might be a busy professional who loves social activities and sports or you might be a part of an active family – there are various facilities which help to meet the requirements of the members. There are several social events, business events and other occasions through which members can meet & know each other, developing lifelong relations. Building such a network of connection does bring in personal satisfaction while creating precious memories.

Family and Kids Friendly Programs

The club offers many programs for kids of different ages and their families. These programs are usually from summer camps to leagues and special dining events. There are several fun activities for members to participate.

Tournaments for Members

The club hosts several tournaments for community members. It is all for fun and community spirit in which members participate with great enthusiasm and fun. The club also allows members to host their tournaments and plan outings with the club.

Bermuda Run Country Club invites member to select the club premises for entertaining their friends and colleagues with a golf outing. They are ready to put together a fun tournament, coordinate a special golf outing for a groom, host a fundraising tournament and lots more. The Country club is certainly the ideal location for golf outing sessions for the members. The atmosphere is elegant, the services are extraordinary and the food is delicious. The Country Club aims to offer first-class planning, top-quality cuisine and impeccable services which help in ensuring that any event is memorable.


Venue for Hosting Events

There are two clubhouses in Bermuda Run Country Club catering to the needs of the members. Whether it is about grabbing a bit or just spending a relaxed evening, the Club is the perfect place. The East Clubhouse offers a perfect classic elegance, premier service, a gracious atmosphere and a 5-star menu for the members.

The West Clubhouse offers a more casual dining experience. Both these clubhouses offer comfortable lounges, with a complete menu of cocktails. There is also a good selection of various wines and beers.

There are many social events held in the clubhouses for the Members which include different kinds of family events, cooking classes, wine tasting events and even dinner parties. Members have an added advantage – they get complete support from the club for planning the events and hosting different private events. These private events are generally in the form of private holiday parties, receptions, corporate meetings and luncheons.


Becoming a Member of Bermuda Run Country Club

It is a simple process to join the club. Here are some of the many membership categories for the members to join:

  • Full Golf O.N.E – Offers unlimited access to the tennis facilities, dining facilities, various social amenities, pool and both golf courses.

  • West Golf O.N.E – It provides unlimited access to West Golf Course. It offers easy access to various social amenities, dining facilities, tennis facilities and driving range.

  • Sports O.N.E – This provides unlimited access to tennis facilities, social amenities, pool and a lot more.

Members can keep a watch for the Calendar of the club for special events and traditions. The club can also help in hosting parties for any occasion.

Those who are interested are invited to take a tour of the club and check what they can enjoy!

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