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Vist King Antique Mall

Considered as one of the ‘Best Little Antique Mall In North Carolina’, King Antique Mall is visited by thousands of people regularly. King Antique Mall well understands the needs of shoppers as they visit the place and does its best to ensure that the shoppers have a pleasant shopping experience. Quality merchandise is available at reasonable prices.

History of King Antique Mall

The famous King Antique Mall is present for more than 12 years now. Long back, when this shop first started, it was named ‘Yesterday’s Treasures. However, later when Joy Tuttle purchased this in the year 2006, she desired a name which would reflect the personality of the shop. Thus, she changed the name to ‘The King Antique Mall’.

There are 23 dealers, all under one roof in this Mall. There are several thousands of rare collectables and antiques all over. Their collection is regularly updated and vast. Shoppers who come here can spend hours, as they browse the vast assortment of products available. Shoppers are requested to thoroughly check the treasures because no one knows what might just come up. The dealers make frequent additions to the collectables.

Shoppers can find stunning furniture pieces which can be primitive and formal. There are some rare pieces of furniture available which include some rare pieces of wardrobes, pie safes, china cabinets, wooden ice boxes, painted washstands, handmade quilts, a variety of glassware, folk art that is frames, some very old rare coins, costume jewelry and lots more.

Shoppers can also check out the offered pottery and crocks available at a certain time. Some of the stunning pieces on offer include the rare 5-gallon Casper Whiskey jar which is almost in the most perfect condition. There are several unusual items available which are available in the perfect condition.

Featured Items Available:

There are several featured items available which include the stunning Coca-Cola glass chandelier which is in the shape of a hexagon. This chandelier features the iconic Coca Cola red, green and white. The Pilot Knob Tea Glass is another featured item which is available with its original lid. The glass has painted green leaves and includes its original paper label which is in perfect condition even now. This Pilot Knob Tea glass dates to 1930 and is certainly one of the rare antique pieces.

How to Reach King Antique Mall

King Antique Mall is situated around 15 miles on the northern side of Winston-Salem in King. King is located along Highway 52. Shoppers need to get off at exit number 123. They can go around 2 blocks on the western side.


607-M South Main Street

King, North Carolina 27021

(336) 983-0620