The King Farmers Market was established in 1998 with several objectives. The main aim of this market is to provide easy community access to locally grown, fresh and healthy products at affordable prices. Every Wednesday, shoppers get the chance to purchase fresh and healthy produce. Products available include a variety of baked goods, honey, dairy, meat, eggs, and other products, which buyers love to buy from here. King Farmers Market is all about promoting a good sense of community and ensuring healthy food available to all at competitive prices.

History of King Farmers Market

Established in 1998, this Market is the coordinated efforts of many farmers of Stokes County with the able guidance from Stokes County Cooperative Extension Office.

In 2011, there was a proposal to move the King Farmers’ Market to the grounds of the YMCA. The objective was increasing community wellness with easy accessibility of different healthy foods. The market started its partnership with the YMCA in the 2012 market season. Ever since then, Stokes County and King have gained in many ways through this arrangement.

Over the years, a lot of development took place and efforts were being made to modernise the market. This market applied for mobile POS device. This would benefit the buyers as the Market will be able to accept SNAP/EBT payments along with debit and credit cards.

In the next few years, the market expanded a lot. Many vendors and farmers joined the market. The market season was also expanded considering the needs and benefits of the shoppers.

This market has now become quite a family-centric destination for the people who live in and around the region. Shoppers love to explore breakfast and lunch options here which is available in great variety. There are several vendor stalls to explore and find what is on offer.

The market has been widely accepted by people living in the area. It is also a big opportunity for local farmers to sell their produce. Shoppers have the chance to buy fresh organic produce at the most affordable prices. The growing interest and demand for the products in the recent times has led to the growth and popularity of this market.