Visit King NC

A city in Forsyth and Stokes Counties, King recorded a population of 6,904 people as per the census of 2019. It is an integral part of the Piedmont Triad metropolitan area and lies around 15 miles on the northwestern side of Winston Salem.


History of King

King was previously known as ‘King’s Cabin’.  In the 1930s, Charles and Francis King are known to have stayed in a cabin which was owned by Francis’s father. The family was totally against slavery and decided to move to the North. Once the King family left, it is known that their property was used by the locals. It was used as a landmark and became a reference point and providing directions.

Much later in 1888, a post office was established in the region and the area was known as ‘King’s Cabin’. In the next few years, railroad laid tracks and the region started being known as King. The original property owners Francis and Charles King did not ever come back to Stokes County. They probably never knew that their home became the name of a town.

The community grew stronger over the years with the development and prosperity of businesses and schools. In 1911, the first automobile arrived in the region. A few years later, highways followed. New roads were constructed, and King started to develop. The different community groups present here functioned as the unofficial town council and offered various services like water, fire department and sewer. Nearly 95 years after the post office opened in the region, King was incorporated as a city on September 13, 1983. The Rock House and King Historic District are now listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Educational Facilities in King

King offers plenty of educational opportunities for students of different ages. The town is quite proud of its elementary, middle & high schools. There are many public and private schools which offer a gamut of educational programs for the students. These programs cater to not just their interests but take care of their learning as well. Forsyth Technical Community College, Surry County Community College, Wake Forest University are some of the leading colleges and universities in the town.

Things to Do in King

King is a small town, where there are few places of interest or attractions. However, the town offers a comfortable and peaceful stay for the residents who love to stay in harmony.  Here are some of the facilities for recreation in King:

Central Park – This is a wonderful natural park, which is spread over 30 acres and is situated in the heart of the city. This is a famous wooded park which has an outdoor kitchen, there is an 18th-century log cabin and also a large amphitheatre. There are several walking trails and there is a pond which also has a small fishing deck. Visitors can do fishing in this pond but on ‘catch and release’ basis. Central Park is quite a peaceful place where you can bring your family and friends for a quiet picnic and other gatherings. As the park is designed as a passive park, bicycles and skateboards are not allowed here.

Enjoy the Natural Beauty of the Region – The Dan River sets a dramatic scenery and offers many opportunities for fun and adventure. There are five public access points which help tubers, rafters and canoers to choose the length of their trip. So, for those who love fun and adventure, there is plenty on offer at King.

The King Farmers’ Market

This market offers community access to locally-grown and fresh products that are available at competitive prices. Shoppers can visit the market every day for healthy, fresh and affordable products which includes eggs, honey, baked goods, dairy products, meat and a lot more. The Market first started in 1998 and was the result of coordinated efforts among the local farmers in Stokes County. The market has expanded a lot in the few years with several new farmers & vendors joining in each year.

Hanging Rock State Park

Located at a short distance from King, Hanging Rock State Park is all about cascading waterfalls, serene and calm forests, bare rock peaks and sheer cliffs. One can have a view of the piedmont plateau from this region. Visitors who come to the region prefer to hike and enjoy the calmness and serenity of nature as they leave behind the hectic pace of life. Those who wish to spend time in the region can simply rent a vacation cabin and fall asleep amidst the wilderness. This park is just the perfect spot for picnics and the ideal destination for campgrounds. This is the place where you can spend time with your friends and family. Do not forget to check the opening hours of the Park before you plan your visit.

Pilot Mountain State Park

No matter which direction you choose to go, you will be able to see Pilot Mountain rising just 1400 feet above the upper Piedmont Plateau. This Park was dedicated as a National Natural Landmark in the year 1976. This peak is the stunning centerpiece of this Pilot Mountain State Park. This is not just a fun place, but somewhere you can relax and spend time in your own way. People love to get treated on a horseback ride through the forests. Those who wish to challenge themselves a bit further try the river rafting which is thrilling and worth a lifetime experience.

There is a five-mile woodland corridor which joins two parts of this park. Each section of this park offers a gamut of outdoor fun opportunities. There is a mountain segment which includes two pinnacles and visitor facilities. The Yadkin River lazily meanders along and offers the perfect scenic setting which is well appreciated by visitors.

The City of King, as the gateway to the hills, understands the role of recreational activities in our life and the role it plays in maintaining the quality of life. King offers a wide range of recreational opportunities for its visitors and the Recreation department does play a major role in it.