A famous recreation park and center, situated in Clemmons, North Carolina, Tanglewood Park are visited by thousands every year. The park is situated between Bermuda Run and Clemmons, on the Yadkin River. One of the most awaited festivals of lights known as ‘Tanglewood Festival of Lights’ takes place in the park. It is all about displaying lights during winters as people celebrate their holidays. There are many attractions of this park, which include the Rose Garden and Tanglewood Park Arboretum. There are several horse stables, public pools and golf courses as well.

Will and Kate Reynolds are the original owners of the estate where the Tanglewood Park is now located.  This Park was willed to the residents of Forsyth Country with the hope of sharing it as a public recreational park. Over the years, a lot of changes took place in the estate with the addition of several fun activities.

It's an ideal destination to spend the day with its combination of beauty grassy pastures, woodlands, and streams. Traditional architecture and several options of recreation have made this Park an ideal countryside park, which people love to visit again and again.

Activities in Tanglewood Park

This is a beautiful park, which offers places to stay as well. Tanglewood Park offers fishing on stocked lakes, there are tennis courts, there are picnic shelters, pedal boats, trail systems, many gardens, golf courses and horse stables. The Park is the perfect place to feel good and spend time with friends and family. The park offers so many activities that there is something for everyone.

  • Gardens in Tanglewood Park

There are 26 beautiful gardens in the Park where there are scores of ornamental shrubs, seasonal flowers and several trees which are native to the region. One of the most popular outdoor attractions of Clemmons is The Arboretum and Gardens at Tanglewood. The gardens remain open for people throughout the year. The beautiful garden is taken care of by gardener volunteers and other people who are fond of gardening.

  • Playgrounds for Visitors

The Park offers smart playgrounds for children. Fun and safety are the main priorities of the playground. Two playgrounds are part of the park – one is situated close to Shelter 4 and the other playground is close to Mallard Lake. There are many public picnic areas & several restrooms in each playground.

  • Mountain Biking

This is the perfect place for those who love biking. Just grab your bike and get started to any of the three trails at the park. Bikers can select trails as per their comfort levels. There is a 1.5-mile beginner trail, there is a 2.0-mile moderate trail and 3.8-mile advanced trail. The trails are well maintained throughout the year.

  • Pedal Boats

Colorful pedal boats are available for rent at Mallard Lake. Parents and kids love to take advantage of the fun rides.

  • Horseback Riding

Tanglewood Stables are just perfect for horseback riding. Enjoy the natural beauty of the place as you ride horses. There are several miles of dedicated bridle paths that guide people through the woodlands of Tanglewood. Large groups often choose hayrides so that people come together.

Top Attraction – The Festival of Lights

This is the famous drive-through light show which is available for the public each winter. Visitors can simply drive through this park in their vehicles or just take a hayride for free. This popular light show started in 1992 after they received a grand from Z. Smith Reynolds Charitable Trust. Funds for this amazing light show was also raised by Tanglewood Park Foundation.

When the festival first started, its route was 2.4 km and there were around 25 light displays. With time, the length of the route expanded and currently it is 4 miles long. It has 180 displays out which around 70 are animated displays. It is known that 300,000 visitors had converged at this park in 2001 when the event was celebrating its 10th Anniversary. Now, more than a million lights complete this festival. The Festival of Lights at Tanglewood Park is now considered amongst the ‘Top 100 Events in North America’.

Come and visit the fun and tradition of Tanglewood Park. It is the perfect place to make lifetime memories.