Visit Shallowford Square

Known as the heart of Lewisville, Shallowford Square is located at:

6555 Shallowford Rd,

Lewisville, NC 27023.


Shallowford Square is a winner in the North Carolina chapter – American Planners Association’s annual list of great places. It is also a winner in the Great Public Space category and a winner in the people’s choice category. Thus, it is one of the most sought-after destinations, for not only the residents but also visitors who come to the place. This Square is often called Lewisville.


The planning association, in its description, had mentioned that this place is a statewide model for private/public investment in community facilities. It is the focal point of downtown. Each year, several free events take place in the region. The largest Christmas Parades in Forsyth County are held here each year. Besides this, 4th July fireworks are also a major attraction in the region, and thousands of people come to the region to witness the fireworks.


Residents and visitors visit Shallowford for many reasons. This is an excellent place where people can spend time with their friends and family. This is the place where various outdoor events are held regularly. People visit this place for outdoor movies with lawn and amphitheater. There is a playground where kids love to spend time playing and enjoying with their friends.


The playground at Shallowford Square is quite popular amongst the little ones. The place has two bucket swings and two traditional swings for the amusement of the kids. The playground is located right at the back section of the Square and behind the gazebo. The playground is divided with swingsets which are meant for older kids and small children.


There is a well-defined mulch area in Shallowford Square. There is a new mulch area which has some well-kept equipment, that is just perfect for young children. The area includes:


  • Plastic drums

  • Circular ladder structure which is suitable for climbing

  • There are three small slides

  • There are two plastic steering wheels which offer interactive play for the kids

  • The steps are quite safe and have rails which are suitable for climbing


This park has a great gazebo. There are several benches around the park where kids and elders can take rest. There is a great opportunity to enjoy the scenery of the region. Lots of efforts are made to ensure that the place is safe and clean for the residents. Towards this effort, the authorities have placed many recycling bins and trash bins in and around the place. This ensures that the green places are always clean and hygienic for the visitors.


Visitors should note that:


  • Alcohol is not allowed in Shallowford Square

  • Pets are not allowed as well

  • Admission is free


Shallowford Square is one of the best family parks which is worth a visit at least once a year. The park offers the perfect setting for various family events. Those who plan to visit Shallowford Square to witness some of the popular events should ideally check the calendar for some upcoming events.