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Spray Foam Insulation Contractors You Can TRUST In Yadkinville NC

For commercial spray foam and residential spray foam applications, CNC Spray Foam Insulation is the leading spray foam insulation company in Yadkinville, NC. With our reputation of providing only the best quality products and results in spray foam to suit all of your needs, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

CNC Spray Foam Insulation has countless satisfied customers throughout Yadkinville who are reaping the benefits of not only our quality results but also the money they are now saving due to the effectiveness of our products. They can all rest assured that our fully licensed and insured work will last them for many years to come.

When looking for the best product to Insulate your new home or Project, our Spray Polyurethane Foam is an obvious choice. No matter if it’s for residential or commercial or residential applications, there is nothing on the market that can compare to our spray foam, and let us tell you why.

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What Is Spray Foam Insulation In Yadkinville NC

If you’ve ever wondered about Spray Foam Insulation and don’t really know what it is, then don’t worry, we’ll tell you. Spray Foam Insulation is an extremely effective and rigid plastic insulation material. It contains a very high R-Value compared to other insulation products. An R-value is a numeric value given to products to rate their heat resistance. With this high R-Value and Spray Foam’s natural versatility to be applied virtually anywhere it’s needed, it has become an increasingly popular choice in insulation over the years. It takes its form after being sprayed from two separate chemical containers, and the pressurized chemicals mix while being applied to exterior and interior walls. Once applied it fills any cavities or any hard to reach air gaps of air throughout the framing.

Why Weatherization is Important In Yadkinville NC

If you knew that you were losing money in your heating and cooling costs every year, and that it could be prevented and you could save up to 40% just by upgrading your insulation, would you not want to do so? Outdated Insulation products can leave your home or building with improperly sealed cracks and gaps that allows your heat and A/C to escape freely. With our professionally applied spray foam insulation throughout your home or commercial property you can eliminate these wastes altogether.

Whether it’s a new project or you’re simply wishing to upgrade your existing Insulation, having our professional spray foam insulation installers apply our product you can save around 20% in your total energy expenditures each month. With the multitude of insulation options out there for you to choose from you will find few that are as effective or efficient at filling cracks and gaps like the spray foam insulation that we have to offer.

What is the Process of Installing Spray Foam Insulation In Yadkinville NC?

Application and handling of Spray Polyurethane Foam should only be done by licensed and insured professional contractors. Before the spray polyurethane foam is applied, it is generally held in two separate containers generally referred to as side A and side B. After being sprayed using a unique spray foam insulation gun, the chemicals mix in an overlapping pattern that allows them to cover the desired location. Only a trained technician with practice in its application should be handling these chemicals and the various equipment used to apply them.


There are generally two types of methods for application. They are Low pressure and High pressure. Both are essentially similar in application. Their main differences are the areas in which they would be applied. Smaller residential projects would normally require low-pressure applications somewhere below 250 PSI. Larger commercial projects, whether interior walls or exterior walls will normally use high-pressure applications somewhere above 250 PSI. Lower pressure application projects require less equipment while high-pressure application projects would require more equipment. Normally this would require a rig that would be attached to a truck and holds the various other equipment items needed to handle the job.

There is a dry time associated with spray foam insulation since these chemicals initially start in liquid form. It’s because of it’s initial liquid form that the spray polyurethane foam is able to seep into gaps and cracks throughout the framing and properly seal them after expansion. This product can be applied in any season and is not inhibited by most climate conditions. This can be applied by our professionals at any point throughout the year. Regardless if it’s just an improperly insulated window, a drafty attic, or a leaky basement, we have you covered. Dry time for spray foam can take several hours to cure. During this process it is best to have any residents temporarily vacate the home or project are until it is properly cured, so please be aware of this beforehand, and we will happily help with any scheduling recommendations. Call us please with any considerations.

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Spray Foam Insulation Benefits to Air Quality In Yadkinville NC

Dry time is minimal with Spray Foam Insulation due to its quick setting properties once applied. It is the chemical reaction upon the mixing while being sprayed that causes this quick and rapid application process during spray foam insulation installation. This process also has the added benefit of no chemicals being off-gassed.

Another advantageous ability of our spray foam insulation is it’s high resistance to black mold. This makes it a prime choice when you need to insulate potentially damp locations like basements, bathrooms, or crawl spaces with possible exposure to humidity.

Help Yadkinville Go GREEN With SPF

As time goes by environmental concerns are continuously on the rise, and this is a very true and prevalent within the service industry. So when it comes to finding the right insulation product to use for you new or old residential or commercial projects Spray Polyurethane Foam is by far your best choice. Not only is it more environmentally friendly, it has the added benefit of saving you up to 40% on your energy expenditures when compared to other leading insulation products. It’s a no brainer.

It is SPF’s ability to seal hard to reach gaps and cracks throughout your commercial or residential projects that gives this added protection that other products lack. You’re saving money, you’re increasing the life and efficiency of your structure, and you’re saving the environment. Go you.

Enhanced Thermal Resistance With Spray Foam Insulation In Yadkinville NC

As we talked about above, when products are approved for installation in commercial or residential structures they are given an R-value. An R-Value is a numerical measurement of a material’s ability at resisting heat transfer. In general, the higher the numerical value, the better the product.


Traditional and outdated insulation products just do not perform as well as our Spray Foam Insulation throughout their lifetime. Over time these other products can compress and lose air pockets within them. This compression and loss of air pockets minimizes their R-Value, which means they lose their heat transfer resistance. Another loss of R-Value can occur when other products get wet, but not Spray Foam Insulation.

There are two types of spray foam, and they are open and closed cell spray foams. Open cell usually has an average R-Value of 3.5. Closed cell spray foam sits at about a 6.5 R-Value making it one of the highest R-Value insulation products on the market. So with this high thermal resistance and high moisture resistance you can rest assured that our product is going to last and perform for the duration of your structure’s lifetime.

Versatile Application

Spray Foam Insulation’s original liquid form and its spray on application make it a highly versatile product that can easily be customized to be used in virtually any situation. This versatility makes it a highly desirable choice for business owners and home owners as the product that can fill all of their insulation needs. Whether it’s being applied around wiring holes, behind attic knee walls, on hatches or on HVAC ducts, it doesn’t matter. It can also be applied to, but is not limited to  open exterior soffits, basement rim joists, furnace flues, plumbing vents, and recessed lights. Essentially anywhere you can think you might need insulation SPF can cover it.

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How to Choose Between Open and Closed Cell Insulation In Yadkinville NC

Choosing between Open and Closed Cell Insulation in Yadkinville NC

Closed cell and open cell insulation are basically the same and are both fully suited to insulate any structure. Their main differences is the formation of bubbles within their chemical reaction process. Although it is a subtle difference it means that one may be better suited for one application versus another.

Commercial installations and residential exterior walls are probably the best suited locations for you to have closed cell spray polyurethane foam(ccSPF) installed. With a 6.5 R-Value, low vapor permeability, and rigidity ccSPF is one of the most efficient insulators on the market. With its lightweight composition, durability, and self-adhesive properties it is guaranteed to endure for decades and increase the efficiency of any location it is applied to.

Having a high water resistance also makes it a smart choice for any exterior projects. Its resilient properties stand up well to harsh weathers and rough climates. It stands up well to pouring rains and intense winds by sealing all gaps and cracks effectively and efficiently. Once ccSPF forms and cures it is a monolithic material that doubles as a sound dampener for your structure and increases its durability.

Open cell insulation is more cost effective and better suited for your residential upgrades or new house builds. Its R-Value is rated on average at 3.5. It requires less equipment, meaning it is more easily applied in smaller locations and harder to reach places. This easier installation and need for less equipment makes it a great choice for any and all residential needs.

About Yadkinville NC

Yadkinville NC

A peaceful town in Yadkin County, NC, Yadkinville had a population of 2,959 as per the 2010 census. The town occupies an area of 2.7 square miles and it’s the largest city in the county. Yadkinville is best known for its ‘Grape Festival’ and the ‘Harvest Festival’, which is their own way to honor the vineyards in North Carolina & Virginia. Yadkinville offers all the facilities and amenities required for comfortable living in a city. Residents live in peace and harmony. Yadkinville has a sub-tropical climate which is quite humid as well. The summers are sultry, and winters are mild. Sometimes there is heavy rainfall, especially in and around the mountainous regions. The most pleasant months In Yadkinville are May, September, and October, while January and December are quite cold.

History of Yadkinville

In 1850, with the founding of Yadkin County, this region was selected as the county seat. Initially, the area was known as Wilson. This was in honor of the legislator who had died during the Mexican War. In 1852, the name of the town was finally changed to Yadkinville. This was done when it was found that there is another town in North Carolina, and it had the same name. When the county seat was established in the region, there is just a single house in the town. Finally, in 1857 the town was incorporated.

Yadkin County and Yadkinville started as farming communities where flue-cured tobacco was the major cash crop. In 1881, as per the records, 17 plug tobacco factories were operating in the county. However, it is known that industrial development in the area was delayed by the County Commissioners. This delay was mainly because of repeated decisions that did not allow the construction of a railroad line in the county.

When the railroad line was finally constructed on the northern side of the river, it helped in bringing a lot of prosperity to the area. Though the area started mainly as an agricultural center, it remained rural in character for a long-time. Yadkinville and its surrounding region are known to combine industrial development with farming.

The Famous Yadkin Valley Wine Region

In a beautiful location, right in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains with the meandering Yadkin River by the side, the wine region of Yadkin is worth a visit. Every year, locals and tourists start their wine region tour as they follow the vine as it beautifully winds through many of the picturesque towns of North Carolina. Yadkin is famous for its wine because this is where you get a unique collection of wine. There are more than three dozen vineyards in the region, offering special award-winning wines. If you wish to enjoy the delectable wines of the region, just plan a weekend, and check out what these wineries have to offer.

Scattered around Yadkinville, especially in the wine region, there are many special attractions. There are exciting trails, many roadside vegetables, and fruit markets, opportunities for parachuting, hang gliding, camping, horseback riding, country fairs, and also. There are several family-friendly wine festivals, fairs, and parades that are held in the region around Yadkinville throughout the year.

Yadkinville Community Park

The community park is quite popular among the locals. It is a fun area for adults and kids alike as it offers several activities. There is a walking trail around this park which helps to commute. People love to spend their early morning in the park, exercising or walking, while breathing in the fresh air and enjoying the calmness of the place. The community park has a playground, there is a picnic shelter, stage, grills, and even picnic tables. Concerts are held in the park in the summer months.

Yadkin Farmers Market

This is also a major attraction for the people who live in the region. This is the place where one gets plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. People in the region love to cook delicacies with fresh fruits and vegetables. Thus, the Farmer’s market is one of the most awaited events of the year for the region.

If you are planning to visit Yadkinville anytime, plan your tour around the time of special events and festivals. There are many festivals held in the region throughout the year. However, do not forget to book your accommodation in advance, so that you do not face any disappointment later because this is the time when several people come to the region.

Popular Festivals and Events in and around Yadkinville

Music Festivals

The Yadkin Valley is located a short distance away from Yadkinville. This is the place where numerous big music festivals are held every year. People from Yadkinville do not miss out on the festivities that are held in the region. MerleFest is one of the popular music festivals of this country. This is primarily a celebration involving traditional music. Many other music festivals are held in the region and include Rockabilly Resurrection in Kannapolis and Yadkin Valley Bluegrass Convention.

Popular Wine Festivals

Yadkin County is mainly known for its many wineries. The region attracts wine lovers from across the world who come here to sip and savor a variety of wines. The Wine Festivals are the perfect time to bring in wine lovers in the region. Five wine festivals are held in the area which attracts thousands of tourists from far and wide. Famous festivals include Budbreak Wine and Craft Beer Festival and Yadkin Valley Wine Festival.

County Fairs and Harvest Festivals

Yadkinville offers a lot of fun, entertainment, and recreation for the residents and for the tourists who come here. The harvest celebration is one of the most awaited agricultural festivals which are held in the region. These festivals are all about great music, local delicacies, and the display of arts and crafts. Tourists can purchase souvenirs to take back home as memories of their visit.

Yadkinville offers something for everyone. If you are a wine lover, this is the place for you. If you are looking for a place to spend your vacation in a calm and serene location, Yadkinville can be your ideal choice.

The Yadkin Memorial Park, located in Yadkinville, NC, opened for the first time in 2014 on a 138.5-acre lake. Since then, it has remained a popular spot among the locals and tourists who come to spend their leisure moments and enjoy the environment.


Where is Park Located?


1200 Crystal Lane
Yadkinville, NC 27055

Phone: (336) 849-7909, ext. 3


The park remains open 7 days a week, though visitors are requested to confirm the timings before they visit the park.

Brief History:


The Yadkin Memorial Park project had started in 2009 with the construction of a dam. This dam was built to create a reservoir that would help in controlling the floods which would often cause destruction of property and life. This dam would not just control the flood but would work as a potential source of water. The construction of the dam was completed in 2010. With the dam, there was an additional benefit with the creation of the 138.5-acre lake. This Lake Hampton was stocked with around 90,000 varieties of fish which included catfish, bream, and bass. This went on to become one of the major attractions of the area.


Lake Hampton


As mentioned above Lake Hampton provides a perfect fishing ground for those who love to spend time fishing because there is plenty to catch. Those who wish to unwind for hours and soak into the serenity and calmness of the place can choose to simply float and relax on the boat or canoe.


There are two fishing piers, a boat ramp, and sandy put-in for the kayaks.  Visitors can even take their vessel over a mile, adhering to all safety precautions and standards. The Lake has always been a popular fishing spot with almost 140 acres of water to explore. There are 6 duck blinds as well in the Park, which can be reserved after payment of some fees. The Lake is also the birder’s playground. This water body attracts a large variety of birds such as the Belted Kingfishers, Ospreys, and Bald Eagles among others which are often seen perching on top of trees, busy with their fishing.


The Park After Its Renovation


Recently, the Park has gone through a lot of expansion. This expansion has unveiled several facilities and amenities for the locals and the tourists.


After the expansion, the park had added another disc golf course. This is the 18-hole disc course which was designed by George Sappenfield. This golf course is specially designed for players who are just starting to play the game.  A few more biking/walking trails have been added. There are primitive camping and a dog park as well in the region. Besides this, there are several picnic shelters, swings, playground, and kayak and boat rentals for the amusement of the people who choose to spend time here.


As per the staff of the Park, there is an increased interest in the campsites. These are expected to soon become one popular feature of the Yadkin Memorial Park. The first campsite is a site that is universally accessible. It includes a range of facilities like a picnic table and area for setting up the tent. The bathhouse has two restrooms. There are changing/shower room areas as well. There is an online registration platform where campers can register and then pay for using the campsite.


Those who wish to come to the Yadkin Memorial Park with their dog should be aware that there are two separate areas for dogs. One area is for larger dogs and the other for smaller dogs.


A Favorite Park for Tourists and Locals


Yadkin Park has become a favorite park for tourists. People enjoy almost everything in the park. It has now become quite like a regional park which is used a lot by the locals. People come to the park for several activities – for some it’s the best place for walking, fishing, and for some, it’s a playground to run about and have fun. If you plan to visit the park during the weekends, you might find the parking lot totally full.


This popular spot is just perfect for your family outing or a group picnic. Simply explore the trails, spend time in a kayak, let your kids run around and, in the freshness, or simply enjoy a romantic walk with your partner – Yadkin Memorial Park will never let you down.